Data analysis with different visualisations on multiple topics, such as real estate, climate, COVID-19.

  • Airbnb Paris Analysis:Paris is the capital and most populous city of France, and it also attracts lots of tourists, which makes me eager to dig out Airbnb locations in Paris. Where are the locations located? What are their prices? According to the analysis, we find that the majority of Airbnb locations in Paris are entire home/apartment; most of the locations are location at Buttes-Montmartre, Popincourt and Vaugirard; the most expensive locations are located at Elysée, Palais-Bourbon and Louvre. Furthermore, in recent years, Airbnb locations’ amount increases 102% in Paris, and locations’ average price does not change that much in general.
  • Forest area analysis: Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways. Forests provide ecosystem services to humans and serve as tourist attractions. Forests can also affect people’s health. Human activities, including harvesting forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems. Thus, only human protects forest so that forests will supply us more and more pure air.
  • COVID-19 analysis: The outbreak of the COVID-19 has been several months. The initial outbreak has greatly affected China and other Asian countries. At the beginning of March, China reached its peak of COVID-19 pandemic for the first stage. After March, the COVID-19’s proliferation spread to other countries around the world, especially in Europe and North America. By applying different visualisation, I did several analysis for different continents, countries and cities.